“Yellow” reward program & KYLIX fine wine boutique Collaboration

KYLIX fine wine boutique is an official partner of Pireaus Bank ‘s, Yellow Reward Program.

All members of the program can benefit and redeem yellows through their transactions either by using the required applications at or at retail shop branch (20 Karneadou str. Kolonaki)

Collecting yellows!

Program Members can discover the huge range of KYLIX fine wine boutique and make their purchases using Piraeus Bank cards that participate in the “Yellow Rewards” Program!

The reward for every purchase will be as per below:

x5 yellows for every 1€ with credit & prepaid cards

x2 yellows for every 1€ with debit cards

Redemption of yellows!

All members of the program have the opportunity to redeem the “yellows” they have collected and thus further reduce the final paying price!

Redemption of yellows should be made while paying with a participating in the “Yellow Rewards Program” of Piraeus Bank, card.

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